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Jul, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the N4?
    • N4 is a co-op of four little leagues located on the north end of Grand Rapids; Northern, Northeastern, Northwestern, and Northview Little Leagues. We combine our resources and our players for the fall season to allow kids to play on teams with their friends regardless of league boundaries.
  • When is fall ball? 
    • Our fall ball season for 2021 will begin the Sunday after Labor Day (September 12th) and will last for 5 total weeks, 10 games. Games will be played on Sundays only, double-headers for all ages coach pitch and above. 
  • How much is fall ball? 
    • For all individually registered players, price for fall ball registration in 2021 will be based on the division your child is playing.
      • Tee Ball - $45
      • Minor 1 Coach Pitch - $65 
      • Minor 2 Kid Pitch - $75
      • Majors - $85
      • Intermediate (50/70) - $95
      • Juniors - $95
    • For full team registrations (teams outside of the N4), registration will open after August 1st and price will be determined based on division playing. Cost will be 10x the price of an individual signup (Ex: Majors $85 x 10 = $850). All team registrations include the cost of umpires and field use for the duration of the season. 
  • Do you have to be a N4 player to participate? What are the boundaries?
    • There are no boundaries for fall ball because it is not a little league sanctioned event. Any child can play, regardless of where they live. We also welcome full teams to join our season so we'll often get travel teams participate in our fall program (we try to evenly match travel teams with other travel teams instead of competing against little league teams).
  • Will there be practices? When? 
    • Coaches determine their own practice schedules. Most coaches will hold practices in the weeks leading into the start of the season but not once games start because school starts around the same time. Some coaches will continue to offer occasional practices but they are not mandatory.
  • Where will practices and games be?
    • For the most part, games will be held at N4 fields (Northern, Northeastern, Northwestern, and Northview Little Leagues but we do also send some games to Lowell, Western Little League, and sometimes Southern or Pinery depending on the need.
    • Practice locations are determined by the coach but are most often at N4 fields.
  • When are games?
    • Tee Ball games will begin at noon.
    • All other age groups will begin their double headers at 1pm with the second game starting no later than 3pm.
    • The 2021 fall season will be 5 weeks long, games start Sunday September 12th.
  • When will we get a schedule? 
    • Once registration closes and we know how many teams we have we can begin putting together the schedule. Our goal is release the details of the schedule the week before labor day. With that said, the schedule is actually already set... your child has a a double header on Sunday at 1:00pm (single game at 12pm for tee ball), the only unknown is their opponent and field location.
  • When will we know what team we're on?
    • We will begin assembling teams after registration has closed and will do our best to release all rosters by Aug 30th.
  • Can I coach my child's team?
    • Of course, simply note that you'd like to volunteer as a coach when you register or send us an email if it's something you decide to do later. We always need coaches!
  • Can my child be on a team with a friend?
    • You can make your request to have your child play with a friend or with a specific coach when you register. We try very hard to accommodate all requests but they are not guaranteed.
  • Can my child play up or down an age group if I think he/she is at that skill level? 
    • Yes, please just send us an email ([email protected]) so we can discuss and make the appropriate changes.
  • What equipment does my child need?
    • All players need their own glove. The league will provide at least one bat, helmets, and catchers gear to every team to be shared by the team. Because of covid concerns we encourage all players to have their own helmet, bat, and catchers to have their own face mask. 
  • Are there team jerseys?
    • Yes, team jerseys are provided for all registered N4 players and will be handed out prior to the first game. We do not provide shirts for teams that register as we assume they already have team shirts. If an outside registered team needs shirts, we are happy to organize the purchase for just $12.00/player.
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